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How likely will the live events industry will be disrupted?

  The topic of industry disruption- “A process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent business” is the way that this Harvard Business Review article describes how industry disruption is affecting most industries. I think that the live events industry, including trade shows, conferences, corporate events, festivals, sports, …Read More

The power, opportunity (and challenges) of Live events in a digital age

−The power, opportunity (and challenges) of Live events in a digital age

I have been involved in the tech, media, and live events industries for more than 30 years (20 of those 30 years include some sort of digital media element into the equation) and I must say that sometimes, during these days,  I’m more confused than ever. But apparently, in the middle of this confusion, I’m …Read More

The Face of Digital. The book

Today, after a couple of years of fascinating conversations with industry leaders and research, we are launching our book “The face of digital.” I have the pleasure to co-authored this book with my good friend Jay Weintraub, and our original idea was trying to understand how the massive and global live events industry could (and …Read More

The fourth transformation and how AR/VR/MR will change live events forever.

I’m reading the book, “The fourth transformation,” and having had the chance to attend different presentations given by Robert Scoble at various tech conferences in the past, I particularly enjoy his current vision about how AR/VR/MR (augmented, virtual and mixed reality) will change everything. Robert mentions in his book the three phases of transformation that …Read More