I read 21 books this year. I’m pretty proud since I usually try to read 10 to 15 books per year and I invest time curating what I should read in order to enjoy my reading and learn valuable things in life, business and other hobbies or things. I remember thinking that I should read more (and better) books as one of my priorities for this year and I’m happy that I did it.

If I have to choose or recommend my favorite books from the year, I would go with these suggestions.

  1. Essentialism. Greg McKeown. A fantastic book with great messages and content on how we should choose the important things in life to allocate our time and energy and simply ignore the rest. I will go back and read this book again and summarize my own notes and key learnings.
  2. Trillion dollars coach. Eric Schmidt. An opportunity to learn from one of the best sports and business coaches of all time. Wonderfully written by former Google CEO and Chairman.
  3. Deep Work. Cal Newport. I enjoyed this one and wrote my own notes a couple of times during the year. The main concept is around how do we learn to focus on “deep work” against “shallow work” and deal with all technology and social media distractions along the road.
  4. What it takes. Stephen Swartzman. The author is the co-founder of Blackstone, one of the largest and most successful Private Equity firms in the world and he shares his own learnings and messages for entrepreneurs building their own business and for corporate people to plan and select priorities on their careers.

Now, I will plan my “2020 book selection”, if you have any good suggestions, feel free to share!