I was reading this article today at TechCrunch and thinking on many of the topics that we covered as part of our book “The Face of Digital” and how future events will be created with a “digital first mindset”. Many online networks will be ready soon to create their own live events and many traditional live events will suffer if they are not able to create a solid online community active all year long. Learning some valuable lessons from experiments like this “Pokemon Festival” and many other similar concepts should help traditional event organizers to rethink the way to engage with their customers online and also digital companies to understand the complexity of a live event experience (as you will see from the TC article, it was not a very positive first experience for organizers). We are still early days trying to understand how digital is impacting live events and each example will have their own unique approach. B2B audiences will be different from B2C and each region on a global basis will have their own specific needs, but there are clear trends and opportunities combining digital technologies and live events in a way that all participants of the experience benefit from each other (organizers, sponsors, exhibitors, and visitors). I’m excited to see many more experiments like this taking place…if you have good examples to share, please let me know. We are curious to keep learning. I’m sure that we will continue to see challenges but also huge opportunities for those media companies, event organizers and digital companies who are brave enough to keep innovating new models.