I’m an entrepreneur and occasional investor. I love working with smart entrepreneurs and innovative corporations.

I have a great family and different passions in life. Travel, food, photography, gadgets, tech, tennis, ski, among many others.

This blog is about some of those interests, but mostly about my business related passions, as well as my own thoughts and opinions about topics that are fascinating for me. I’ve spent many years around the media, tech and events industries and have been fortunate enough to learn from many mentors and amazing people.

Marcogiberti.com is a place were I want to share many of those lessons I’ve learned, as well as the new lessons that I’ll gain from the people I meet and the places I visit.

It’s an experiment, a diary, and like my life, it will probably include some ideas in english, spanish, italian or portuguese.

It’s also a lively conversation and I look forward to keeping this conversation open for many years to come.